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Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun OP Full

ahhhh it was finally released today

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Koujaku: A~o~ba~
Aoba: Huh? A-Ah, what is it…?
Koujaku: You really are so…! (pulls Aoba into a smothering embrace)
Aoba: Ack! You’re too strong… for me to…!*
Koujaku: It’s bad for Aoba to be so cute! 
Aoba: —!

*i had a little bit of trouble translating this one part aoba’s saying, but other than that this whole scene is just koujaku being a huge fucking nerd 

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Bed and bath!!


  • English        Progressive       Hiragana/Katakana      Kanji +

pillow                     makura                     まくら                 枕

bed                        beddo                     ベッド                ベッド

futon                      futon                       ふとん                布団

blanket                   moufu                       もうふ                毛布

towel                      taoru                      タオル              タオル

bath                       ofuro                        おふろ               お風呂

soap                       sekken                     せっけん             石けん

toothbrush               haburashi                 ブラシ             ブラシ

mirror                      kagami                     かがみ               鏡

window                    mado                       まど                  窓

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soon I’ll be looking though all the manga I have read so far and will post some of the stuff in this blog. So far it took me 3 hours to look though the list and I guess I’ll try reading some again to remember what is it about